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Journey to the Savage Planet ‘Hot Garbage’ expansion announced

Journey to the Savage Planet Hot Garbage

Journey to the Savage Planet is a rather strange game about space. The game takes the backbone of absurd but enjoyable sarcasm and a beautifully weird creative direction and pushes it into a story loaded with fart jokes. Publisher 505 Games and developer Typhoon Studios have made sure this aesthetic is a rather interesting sci-fi experiment, and it’s about to get weirder. Journey to the Savage Planet‘s first DLC pack, titled Hot Garbage, is set to land soon.

Journey to the Savage Planet is getting a fair amount of new content with the expansion, as well as some updates to existing content. The story here revolves around Kindred Aerospace’s chief rival Vyper Corporation. Players will head to Kindred’s space resort planet DL-C1 and get to explore its new environs, flora and fauna. The rival company is dumping huge amounts of toxic waste on the planet, and you need to find out why. The player is given new tools to deal with this task, like the sarcastic A.I. companion Kronus, who seemingly exists to torture you with derision throughout the entirety of the story.

As part of exploring the planet, you will encounter a bunch of polluted areas that you need to traverse. A new environmental suit will be provided that makes this task a bit easier. A bunch of other tools like a new stamina upgrade and some new abilities will also aid in your task.

Hot Garbage will cost $9.99 (£7.99) and can be bought from the Xbox One store or Epic Games store if you’re playing on PC. The expansion has not been announced for PS4, so Sony-based console gamers will have to wait for the new DLC to land on their platform. No idea when that could be. The new DLC will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass on April 9.

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The expansion was announced by one of the Twitter accounts for the game, Kindred Aerospace, which is also the in-universe space exploration company the player works for at the beginning of the game.

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