What to do with a maple leaf in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Maple Leaf DIY Recipes

Animal Crossing: New Horizons loves its seasonal events. Each year, various seasonal shifts in climate will bring a new batch of DIY Recipes and new items to collect to the Switch title. Through the month of November, that means floating maple leaf will be able to be caught in-game. You can then use these to craft a few unique maple leaf DIY Recipes in the game.

Players will find that the maple leaf spawns happen based on their hemisphere, like all other content in the game. If you live in the northern hemisphere, a maple leaf can be seen floating around all over the island from November 16 to 26. Those in the southern hemisphere will notice that they run from May 16 to May 26. So if you miss the event, either use the time travel trick to set your date back or forward, or travel to a friend who is in another region to get the leaves.

How to get a maple leaf in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You will know the maple leaf because it’s much larger than the other leaves floating around, and it has a distinctive red color. When you see one of these large red leaves, pull out your net and swing at it. Just like catching bugs, you can snatch it out of the air and then use it at your leisure. You only get one shot at catching each leaf, as they disappear if you miss. You will find them spawning all over though, so you can get a couple of stacks a day if you’re lucky.

Once you have some maple leaves, it’s time to make use of them. Here are all the DIY recipes you can use for these festive items.

New DIY Recipes

The complete list below includes all of the new items and their DIY Crafting recipes that can be found in the game.

Furniture Materials
Red-Leaf Pile Maple Leaf ×3
Weeds ×4
Tree’s Bounty Big Tree Pinecone ×5
Acorn ×4
Maple Leaf ×4
Branches ×8
Clay ×4
Tree’s Bounty Arch Pinecone ×4
Acorn ×5
Maple Leaf ×5
Branches ×15
Maple Leaf Stool Maple Leaf ×3
Wood ×3
Maple Leaf Pond Stone x10
Maple Leaf x3
Maple Leaf Pochette Maple Leaf x6
Maple Leaf Wallpaper Maple Leaf x10
Weeds x15
Maple Leaf Flooring Maple Leaf x10
Wood x5
Weeds x5
Maple Leaf Umbrella Maple Leaf x7

And if that’s not enough for you, there’s plenty more to be found. The new maple leaf DIY stint proceeds the next batch of holiday events. The new ornament DIY recipes will be released later this year in December. That will itself follow a Thanksgiving-themed update as well. And the disaster that is 2020 will wrap with a little Christmas cheer in December.

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