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PS4 Warframe gets the The Renown Pack XVII, Obsidian Ephemera

Warframe Renown Pack XVII Comes to PS4

The Renown Packs are something many Warframe players are well and truly familiar with by this point. Developer Digital Extremes likes to take a few bonuses, like Platinum and bundle them together with some platform-exclusive skins for various frames in an effort to entice more people into spending money on the loot shooter. And it’s seemingly pretty successful as a total of 17 of these packs have been released so far, counting this newest one coming to the PS4.

The pack will release across the various versions of the game according to region, with the Americas getting it first, followed by Europe, Oceania, and Asia being bundled into a single release. the Japanese players will get it later this month. Renown Packs are a limited time offer, like many other promotions for this game, so grab them while you can. If you’re like me and you only spend money on this game when those 50%-75% coupons drop, don’t expect any discounts here, as those only apply to singular Plat purchases and not bundle offers like this Pack.

And just like the other Renown Packs that Digital Extremes has released, it’s packed with a bunch of special bonuses to entice players to drop the $10 it costs. The Renown Pack XVII will cost $9.99 on the Playstation Network, and will include a handful of special cosmetics and some Platinum, as well as a few Boosters to help in your farming efforts in-game. And yes, it’s another one of those one-per-account deals, like the Starter Pack. It’s a pretty solid deal though, here’s what it contains:

Renown Pack XVII Contents:

  • 170 Platinum
  • Obsidian Samia Syandana
  • Obsidian Ephemera
  • 3-Day Credit Booster
  • 3-Day Affinity Booster

Regional Availability:

  • September 10 – Americas
  • September 11 – Europe, Oceania, and Asia
  • September 17 – Japan

In other Warframe news, Week 10 of Nightwave quests kicked off recently, offering more of those sweet Emissary rewards. And if you’re struggling to finish off some of those Zealot missions, here’s a guide on where to find Zealot Derelict Codes. And finally, there’s still a few weeks left to grab Saryn and Valkyr Prime from the Prime Vault before they go away again.

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