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Warframe Guide – How to get the Zealot Derelict Code

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One of the first questions newer players in Waframe have is, “Whare do you get this thing?”. There’s a ton of different resources and loot drops in this game. And with so many different weapons, gear and warframes, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. And it only gets more irritating to deal with all the different mechanics and mission types.

Digital Extremes also introduced more complexity with the Nightwave events, but lucky for you, we’ve got a new guide to make things easier.

The first of these Zealot missions can be found on Mars, and it’s not an easy mission. If you’ve been playing a lot these last few weeks, you’ve no doubt encountered these Zealot groups in mission. These Toxin-spewing lunatics are tough for new players to take on, but beating them grants all players +200 Emissary Standing as part of the Nightwave rotation.

Alongside these new enemy types, and the event missions, Digital Extremes also introduced a new mission type spread across the Star Chart. These new missions feature far more Heralds and Zealots, but also offer some great rewards. Doing these special missions requires some work though, as you need a Zealot Derelict Code to attempt them.

How to Farm  Zealot Derelict Codes

There’s a special class of missions you need to pay attention to when farming these Codes. Infested Invasions are where you should start looking. This means you will need to complete Infested Outbreak Invasions, look on the Star Chart screen for what planets spawn Invasions, and check each one looking for the right mission type. One thing to note is that the Derelict spawns in orbit of an Invasion planet, just to make things simpler.

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Finishing these special missions rewards a Zealot Derelict Code. Just do the same node three times to blitz them quickly.

There are some rewards that can be gained by fully completing the Infested Outbreak Invasion, but that takes a lot more time than just farming the key. Doing them quickly is important as they can despawn if you’re not careful and you lose the full rewards. These are very high-level missions too, so go in with a decent group for the best chance at completion.

The new Zealot Derelict Codes and their respective missions also offer other bonuses aside from just the required bits for progression. Completing the missions that use these Codes is a great source for Nightwave standing. One example of this is the Infested Outbreak missions, offering both good sources for Emissary targets and rare loot drops. Completing these missions grants 1,500 Standing, but that’s just one source. Take out the Emissary targets to get that sweet +200 Standing. Orokin Catalysts, Orokin Reactors, Nitain Extract are all the best rewards to pick up with Cred, as these are vital for powering up weapons and frames.

Nightwave continues this week, entering its tenth weekly quest rotation. There’s also daily quests to complete for Standing which can then be traded for more Cred.

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