Null Sec Alliance Drama

Misclicks are deadly, you may want to watch them. . .

EVE is a cruel game. A single misclick of the mouse can have truly aweful consequences. Forget to upgrade your clone? Hello again, Advanced Weapon Upgrades V. Forget to opt out of fleet warp? Hello point blank range in a sniper fit ship.

Of all the ways a capsuleer can misclick, perhaps none is as soul-destroying as a Titan pilot that clicks “Jump” instead of “Bridge”. They suddenly find themselves somewhere they shouldn’t be, often with other people taking advantage of the mistake to pick up an easy titan kill.

So it was that Missin Uitra became the latest Titan pilot to fall victim to what Rooks and Kings have appropriately coined “pink elephant” syndrome, sounding the death knell of his 108b ISK deadspace- and faction-fit Erebus.

Circle of Two was busy doing their thing when they caught the eye of Out of Sight, who promptly decided to bridge a fleet in and join in the fun. Missin misclicked his bridge and jumped his Erebus into the fray on a BORA structure instead. Seeing this tasty elephant arrive on-field, CO2 and BORA immediately tackled him. Out Of Sight rallied to save their stricken Titan and managed to clear tackle, allowing the Erebus escape to his home system of N5Y-4N in NPC Venal as more HICS arrived in system.

Sadly for this Missin, his exit cyno was spotted by a CFC scout who promptly lit his own Cyno to call in the cavalry. Goonswarm Federation, along with Fidelas Constans, CO2, and Tactical Narcotics Squad, rained into system with over 30 dreads and 30 assorted carriers and supercarriers to put an end to this Erebus’ adventures.

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