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Path of Exile 3.7 will be announced on May 21st

Tencent Acquires Grinding Gear Games

So we finally know when the next Path of Exile challenge league will be revealed, and gamers and fans are now stuck anxiously waiting to see if all of their hype and speculation will be worth it. The general concensus right now is that Carnage will be a major theme in this new league, although this obviously has not been confirmed by GGG.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting more news about Path of Exile and the next patch, and players are very excited about the prospects this new release offers. mostly concerning new balance changes for an entire archetype of builds. That archetype is of course the melee segment of POE, offering a much-needed boost to popularity of builds like Cyclone, Reave and other setups.

And speaking of new builds, if you’re looking for some builds for the new Flashback Synthesis event, we’ve created a good list of starter builds for the month-long event. So if you’re looking for a build idea, look no further.

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