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Synthesis League Flashback Details

With the impending launch of the month-long Flashback event for Synthesis League, players are gearing up to head back into Wraeclast for more chaos and bloodshed. And because of the chaotic nature of having so many league mods in play, POE players are looking for builds that can get them going as fast as possible, with minimum gear requirements. That’s where we come in, with our new list of starter builds for Path of Exile 3.6 and the Synthesis League Flashback.

If you didn’t know about this, Flashback is a unique event GGG usually runs at the end of some Challenge Leagues to allow players new to the game, and those returning from a break, to experience the mechanics when the game is essentially turned up to 11 on the “screwing your day up” dial. Every hour, each area will have three different league mechanics active, in addition to the already active Synthesis and other league mechanics. In short, there’s a ton to do.


This spellcaster class is undeniably one of the strongest in patch 3.6 thanks to the myriad of changes made to self-casting in this update. Players have been plastering the walls of memories with their enemies guts for the entire league, so it stands to reason that the class would be a standout for those looking for a strong contender in a limited-time league event like Flashback.

Enki’s Arc Witch – Even though Arc, one of the strongest casting skills in Path of Exile, was nerfed in 3.6, it’s still a strong choice for Path of Exile Flashback events. With good positioning and flask uptime, even cheap gear can make this build shine. Which makes it a great candidate for very quickly gearing your way to Maps.

Wrecker_of_Days Easy Vortex -This is a very simple build, with an incredibly easy to use skill. The minimum gear and basic mechanics of Vortex make this a very easy build to gear and play, very beginner friendly as well.

Kayella’s BIG DPS Summoner – The gold standard for summoner builds aimed at new players. This badass is for people who are new to POE, Spectre Summoners or are just interested in the build archetype. With a modest amount of currency, you will have a character able to kill Uber Elder.  Summoners are incredibly versatile due to the ability to let the minions soak up damage and letting the player focus on staying alive.

ShakCentral’s Vortex Occultist – A true starter build if there ever was one. A relatively simple gear list means that this beast can rush to maps very easily. It’s not meant to speed farm Uber Elder, it’s purely built for fast mapping and decent defensiveness, which it can do without breaking a sweat. The simple skill setup is also good for beginners.


This melee-focused class is a goto choice for players looking for a much tankier option, which could prove useful thanks to the absolutely mad amounts of Rare and Unique enemies you’re due to encounter in Flashback events. If you want a build that can face down a tide of beasts without blinking, Templar may be the starting point for you.

Systemplayerlost’s Cyclone Summoner – This is a much more unique take on the iconic Cyclone melee build. You’re still spinning your way through hordes of enemies and ripping them to ribbons, but there’s the added fun of minions in play with this setup. Using some of the new Heralds added in recent patches, like Heralds of Agony and Purity, allow it to take advantage of an incredible amount of damage scaling and other mechanics which make it extremely strong both offensively and defensively.

Storm Brand Inquisitor – This is a beginner-friendly, league-starter viable, solo-self-found viable, and comprehensive Storm Brand Inquisitor build, and it’s still really good in 3.6. While the changes in this patch did make Brands less OP, this build can still get great map clearing and boss kills with decent gear and some game knowledge. It’s still very much beginner-friendly and easy to gear despite the slight added challenge thanks to Synthesis League changes.

LordDrikos’ Divine Ire Totems – This is a very budget friendly build, only needing a couple of easy-to-find Uniques to really shine in terms of DPS. And plus, Divine Ire is a really cool skill, combining the Kamehameha effect with Totems is a really clever idea that I quite like.


This is probably the most versatile of all of the classes in POE aside from Scion. The Ascendancy nodes, especially for Trickster, got a major buff in 3.6 making this a very stable base for any number of skill combinations and archetype ideas.

SilverWF’s Worbster Trickster – This Winter Orb build is very much fire and forget. And while it’s probably the most expensive build on this list to get to a decent end-game level, it can work as a starter for more experienced players. With a ton of clear speed for mapping and very simple mechanics for killing bosses, it’s a very strong build once it gets going. Great defensive layers make it a decent option for more conservative play styles too.

Demi’s Infinite Tinkerer – Buffs to Lightning Trap and Ice Trap in Synthesis made this build a dream to play. It’s viable for the entire run, all the way to level 100, and if you manage to play it long enough to sink in some currency, it’s incredidle just how easy it is to spam traps all the way to the end of the game.


A speedy mapper through and through. This ranged archetype is a perfect candidate for the practice of Magic Find builds in POE. A great candidate for players that enjoy a challenge as well, as builds based on this archetype require dodging and positioning as key defensive mechanics, requiring a fair bit of game knowledge to pull of well.

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Blade Vortex Ranger – This build takes a strong skill and pairs it with a great archetype for fast and efficient play. Gearing only requires minimal investment or time farmed, making this ideal for SSF. The mechanics are very simple beyond basic flask management, making this a good choice for new players. And there’s so much movement speed on this monster that it’s just so quick when mapping that you won’t even have trouble farming with it. Just a great speedy build.

Toxic Rain – This modified Ranger archetype may not be the most OP build in POE, but it’s still quite viable for mapping and farming lower-end content. Leveling is also really easy with this build. It makes use of the combination of the Herald of Agony skill to deal huge bursts of damage over time, relying on fairly cheap uniques makes this build viable for cash-strapped players too.

Caustic Arrow Deadeye – This Ranger archetype is a great choice for POE players who like ranged attacks, and aren’t looking to spend a ton of time farming currency to buy the needed gear. This extremely quick build stacks a ton of movement speed and good Chaos damage scaling which means it melts maps. If you’re looking to farm early maps like Blood Aqueducts, this is your build of choice.


A rather versatile build, it has been quite strong for a few Leagues now thanks to the Slayer Ascendancy which granted insane defensive potential with Leeching. Even though this node was heavily nerfed in 3.6, there’s still a few builds to make use of that actually create some rather fun gameplay experiences. It’s also possible to create both melee and ranged builds with enough creativity and recklessness.

Sidefx06’s Frost Blades – This Champion build has some great AoE potential and plenty of DPS to make it a solid mapper. This build focuses on high attack speed to unleash a series of projectiles high crit chance and amazing attack speed in a almost 360 radius around you , killing everything that dares come close.

Bax_CD’s HoA Champion –  While a much harder build to get perfect gear, it can work with just a few gear focused on filling stat holes and scaling damage. A solid mapper through and through, and really powerful for bosses like Uber Elder.


The wanton rage and thirst for slaughter would put this big boy right at home in the traitor legions of the 41st millennium, but this is Wraeclast, so we’ll have to settle for killing gods and endless legions of beasts, the undead and traitorous scum instead. This melee heavy-hitter is all about dealing damage. If you want a strong build that can wipe out the competition with pure DPS, there’s no better choice.

Warchief Marauder – The ever-popular Totems build makes a big comeback as a Path of Exile starter build in 3.6. With only minor gear changes compared to last patch, this build is still a strong contender for top of the melee pile. This build stacks tons of DPS and great defenses to make it the perfect choice for any melee player to take on ALL end-game content. This titan can easily clear Shaper, Elder and more without too much issue. If you’re a Totems fan, this is the starter for you.

Demi’s Righteous Fire Cheiftain – Demi returns with another excellent starter build for Synthesis. Righteous Fire is one of those skills that veteran players can use to great effect, as the AoE effects can make clearing maps and most end-game content as easy as possible. With a huge Life pool and lots of DPS, this build can even work for newer players with a bit of flask management and some basic understanding of mechanics. A handful of required items, some of which will be pricey later in the league means that this build is much more suited to veteran players who know how to farm/trade. It can work in SSF, but quality-of-life will be noticeably worse. The leveling process using Firestorm or a similar skill is really simple though.

EiryfexPOE’s Full MF Consecrated Path Jugg – This Magic Find build is like Sonic, it’s gotta go fast. This one is for you who want to play something super fun, super cheap and surprisingly fast with high IIQ while currency farming. Blast through legions of bad guys at an insane pace to make yourself wealthy in Flashback.


This queen of all trades is an incredibly versatile template for experimentation. With the ability to claim nodes from multiple Ascendancy trees, this build archetype really shines when trying unique combinations that would not work with other classes. If you want to try something strange, this is the girl to pair up with.

Bax_CD’s Herald Of Agony Ascendant – Very similar to Bax_CD’s other builds based on HoA, meant for the more experienced player.

Astiny’s Sword & Board Scion –  While this melee build doesn’t have insane stats of clear speed of some other builds, it does make up for that in one major area. It’s really cheap to take this monster to end-game mapping. And with a lot of defensive layers from different Unique items, it’s a very good choice for the player that wants a slower more cautious style.

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