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Space Tyrant Rise of the Techno Slugs is out now


Space Tyrant is a frustratingly fun and addictive “5x” strategy game that lets you conquer a whole galaxy on your lunch break. But starting today, those ambitions of domination just got a bit more sticky to realize.

The Techno Slugs are a new hybrid race of biology and technology that use beam weapons and tough ships to overcome their enemies.

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Rise of the Techno Slugs is a new content update that adds a new playable race, and new missions and items to have sun galaxy-dominating fun with.

Slide into those glittery Tyrant pants and wait for that bass to drop! The miscreants at Blue Wizard Digital are updating their Early Access hit, Space Tyrant, with a whole new playable race: The Techno Slugs. This update comes with much game balance, many bug fixins, new audio, new visual effects… it’s just… it’s insane. If you haven’t checked it out yet, this is a great time to sink your face into Space Tyrant!
Rise of the Techno Slugs features:
–  The Techno Slugs as a playable race — complete with new cards, perks, artifacts and tech tree
–  New audio with a focus on Combat
–  New in-game loadout stats screen
–  Upgrades to some of the visual FX
–  New Artifacts
–  New music
–  Economy balancing vs the different mission types
–  Nerfing of those overpowered Bzzerk Carriers


You can find the trailer for the Techno Slugs below:

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