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No Man’s Sky dev Teases Day One Patch


No Man’s Sky has been a hugely hyped title due to it’s procedural generation and nearly limitless possibility. This possibility has led to a reported glitch that allowed a user who procured an early copy to reach the center of the games universe in a much faster time-frame than normal.

“Wrapping up a month of work on our first update. Lots of new features, balancing and content,” the post reads. Earlier in the week, the man who was playing an advance copy of No Man’s Sky suggested that his 20-30 hour trip to the ‘center’ of the galaxy (or possibly universe) was fueled by a resource glitch. It’s possible, then, that a release day update may address such a glitch.

After the patch is deployed, hopefully the glitches that allowed this to happen, as well as publicly undiscovered issues will be fixed. Overall, I’m still very excited to get my hands on the game in a few days.

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