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Living World Season 4 Finale War Eternal Arrives in May

GW2 War Living World Season 4 Finale War Eternal

The newest content is coming soon to Guild Wars 2. The next Living World Season 4 story arc is due next month. The new chapter, which will be the final one in Season 4, is called War Eternal. The war against the Elder Dragons rages on, can the heroes rally together for a final, desperate, stand?

Along with this new content, often comes new gameplay features, and Living World Season 4 is no different. War Eternal adds a new mount, and it freaking flies. The Skyscale mount can be earned via a new completion challenge, much like other mounts, and it has a completely awesome new look as well. the Skyscale will allow players to fly all over, making map completion and gathering much faster.

We can also expect new skins, Masteries and other content in this release as well. The previous update added a bunch of new stuff to PvE and PvP game modes, fans are expecting more of that.

Check out the final arc for Living World Season 4 in the trailer below. War Eternal is set to launch on on May 14, 2019, and is the sixth and final episode in Season 4 of the Living World.

What are Living Worlds?

These content batches are basically DLC for Guild Wars 2. They often added new regions and questlines to the MMORPG. Arenanet loves to roll new and old fan-favorite characters in as well. There’s a bunch of them already. Living World content is soloable, and is often a companion to the main game’s personal story arcs. So many players should be excited for War Eternal, it’s going to make life in Tyria so much easier.

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