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Path of Exile gets new Water Elemental MTX, plus a cool new soundtrack

Path of Exile New Water Elemental MTXs

As is the custom with weekly Path of Exile news, Grinding Gear Games has pushed out another new cosmetic item set for players to deck out their in-game armour, skills, weapons and more with. There was the Illusionist set previously, now we’re taking a trip down where it’s wetter.

The Water Elemental Set includes all the standard trimmings of a cosmetic set in POE. There’s the Hideout Decoration which features a variety of shapes from a little sponge bundle to a toweing pillar of shimmering ocean life. Your Hideout is your home away from home in Wraeclast, so if you want to live in an undersea sanctuary, why not go for the whole look with this new set.

Next up is the combo of the Armour set and Weapon skin. These shimmering and swirling blue effects cloak your avatar and their weapon in a ghostly, but subtle, oceanic effect. It looks quite simple, but hides a ton of power, just like the tides of the ocean. Check these two cosmetics out in the video previews below.

And alongside these new cosmetics, GGG also dropped another free dope track for players to listen to. This new release ties in with the Frontier Mystery Box, the latest loot box from the developer in the game’s cash shop. Kamil Orman-Janowski, Grinding Gear Games’ in-house musical composer, produces these free offerings, and they’re incredible.

The Mystery Box’s soundtrack is now available for download for free as either .mp3 (lossy) and .flac (lossless).

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