How to make a potion of water breathing in Minecraft

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The brewing stand in Minecraft is pretty important. You can use it to make some very useful potions. It does take some work to get up and running.  Here are all the materials you need to make a brewing stand, as well as what you can do with it. With the new aquatic life in 1.17, you might need to go for a swim. There are ways to not drown, and you really want them. One such trick is the potion of water breathing. You need 1x Nether Wart, 1x Pufferfish and 1x Water Bottle to make this all work. This recipe will make a potion of water breathing that lasts three minutes. You can also extend that duration. Here’s what to do.

Prep work for a potion

The first two ingredients can be pretty hard to gather.  The Nether Wart is the red flower that you sometimes find in Nether Fortresses. Anyone who doesn’t know what those are, it’s the giant structures made of Netherbrick that spawn in the hellish zone. You will find them randomly spawned all over. The Nether Wart often spawns in the soul sand patches at the bottom of stairwells in these locations.

For the pufferfish, you need to head out and go fishing. The best way to get these is to fish with a fishing rod that’s enchanted with Lure, all to increase fish spawn rate. Make sure to fish in any locations that aren’t iced over to increase your odds, as pufferfish are restricted to warmer waters. So that’s the main ingredients done. Now you need the bottle.

You need to cook three pieces of sand in a furnace to make three glass blocks. Place these in the same pattern for a bucket, but with glass instead of iron. That means it’s a U-shape that you’re after. Craft at least one glass bottle. Although it’s a good idea to make as many as you have sand for, as you need them for any other potions as well.

Now, to make the potion of water breathing, you need to make a brewing stand.

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How to make a brewing stand

The Brewing Stand is key to making potions. You will need to put the receptacle and the ingredients in the slots on the stand to make your potion. To make one, you need one Blaze Rod, and three of either Cobblestone or Blackstone.

Blaze Rods are the hardest part to get. You need to head back into the Nether and find that Nether Fortress again. You will want to find the fireball-spewing Blazes around the battlements of the Fortress. They spawn very fast, so bring a good set of weapons and armor. Keep taking out Blazes until you get a couple Blaze Rod, then beat a hasty retreat.

Make the potion of water breathing in Minecraft

In the Brewing Stand menu, you place ingredients in the top box and the potions are created in the bottom three boxes. Make sure to activate the Brewing Stand by placing a Blaze Powder into the top-left slot. You’ll see the grey outline of a Blaze Powder in the slot where it goes. Now it’s time to brew.

  1. Start by placing the water bottle in the bottom slot. You can place up to 3 water bottles to make three potions.
  2. Place the Nether Wart in the top slot, you need 1 for each potion in the bottom slot.
  3. Place the Pufferfish in the top slot, you need 1 for each potion in the bottom slot.
  4. Wait for each step to process and then let it cook. Once it’s done, you should have a potion of water breathing.

You can also upgrade the potion of water breathing duration up to eight minutes by adding a piece of Redstone into the slot in the brewing stand.

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