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FIFA 20 flexes street muscle in new Volta mode trailer


Back during E3 2019, EA detailed the latest entry into their major sports franchise, that franchise being FIFA. With FIFA 20, the developer is looking to push the overall gameplay experience into a much more realistic field. A huge part of this shift involves a new game mode called Volta. This mode puts players into teams for a nice game of street football, taking place across one of 17 different fields, each with their own unique look.

Within the mode itself, all of your favorite pro players will take to the courts to show off their skills. They’re going to do that through a series of interesting match types that completely change the way FIFA works. The modes include Rush Keepers, Street with Keepers, Futsal, Survival, No Rules, and First to X. Each one will have their own goals and objectives.

The gameplay mode will also have an online component. The game modes, including the online aspect, will feature 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5 match types for plenty of players to flex their muscle. Players will have to pick and choose their team compositions carefully, as their overall team chemistry depends heavily on the stats of the players. This adds a new tactical layer that should create a much more powerful meta-game.

Another cool aspect is the inclusion of a full league system. This league gives players the option to choose their game mode and home location as they battle to earn wins and make their way up the league.

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Check out the trailer for the new gameplay mode down below. If you’re looking or more details on the game, head over to EA Sports’ website.

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