How to get the shotgun Iceburger in Borderlands 3

How to get the shotgun Iceburger in Borderlands 3

With a fairly quick reload time and fire rate, the legendary shotgun Iceburger in Borderlands 3 offers a decent shottie for many occasions. But the point where this new weapon really shines is when you start unloading cryo burgers. Yes, you read that right. Iceburger shoots out continuous lasers and frozen hamburgers at enemies. And no, you don’t want to eat these. Each time a cryo burger is fired it freezes enemies and is really dangerous against enemies that have had their armor and shields stripped. The best way to use the Iceburger in Borderlands 3 is to swap into it to deal quick chip damage to bosses and other tough enemies after stripping them of other defenses.

To get the Iceburger you need to once again head to Villa Ultraviolet. And just like previous weapons within the new Mayhem Mode, this weapon is locked to certain levels and bosses. The weapon can only be obtained while fighting through Mayhem Mode level three or higher, and it must be looted from the corpses of from Roaster, The Tenderizer, or Joey Ultraviolet.

The Revenge of the Cartels: Ultraviolet Nights quest will take you down the path to these enemies, but you will likely have to run the mode more than once to get the drops you want. There are bunches of really cool legendary weapons within Villa Ultraviolet, like Grease Trap pistol or the Yellowcake Rocket Launcher. So this means you can get some pretty powerful gear from running this gauntlet a few times.

Bringing down Joey Ultraviolet is a fun and chaotic fight, but you will learn it pretty quickly. Here’s some tips for taking on this badass. Keep in mind that you first have to unlock the boss fight by unlocking the hidden room beneath the fountain. Follow the waypoints through the Villa to get the parts and progress you need to do that. There will be mini-bosses along the way, and some can drop various legendary loot.

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He spawns waves of henchmen and traps, take out the traps first as they can be a real pain. While taking these out, whittle down the health of the four guard dogs that protect Joey.

Fish Slap, Smallums, and the other bosses and random enemies will spawn once the dogs are taken care of. These guys aren’t too tough and have a smaller chance of dropping legendaries too. After these fools are dead another wave of two special henchmen will spawn, and they must be taken out to break the shield around Joey.

Eventually, Joey will go down once you drop his shield and do enough damage. Keep aware of your surroundings and keep pumping lead into him to make sure he’s down and out. Check the loot shower and see what dropped. If you’re lucky, and playing on the higher difficulties of Mayhem Mode, you should get some good stuff.

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