How to get the Firestorm Legendary in Borderlands 3

How to get the Firestorm Legendary in Borderlands 3

With the Firestorm Legendary in Borderlands 3, you’ll be spitting plenty of fire, and no it’s not a new mixtape. This new Sniper Rifle is part of a string of quests in Atlas HQ, and it’s a train where the line ends at Katagawa Jr. fight, you can get the weapon by defeating him. Here’s what you need to do to find and defeat him to get the weapon. There is another way to get the Sniper though that doesn’t require going after this specific boss.

The Firestorm Legendary Rifle is a big weapon that packs a big punch. With a base +300 to splash damage, it’s all about explosions for this big guy. The ammo burns through pretty quick through with a paltry magazine of 9 rounds and consuming 2 ammo per boosted shot. There are Annointed versions that can drop as well, but they’re much rarer. The boost in stats can’t be beaten though.

This Legendary is a bit different than the ones we’ve covered in recent Borderlands 3 guides. Unlike Grease Trap pistol or the Yellowcake Rocket Launcher. this particular rifle isn’t gained from the rotting corpses of Joey and his cronies in the Revenge of the Cartels: Ultraviolet Nights quest. To get your hands on the Firestorm Legendary in Borderlands 3, you’ll be gunning for Loot the Universe mode.

Loot the Universe is a unique and randomized game mode within the new title that challenges the player to go hunting. During each weekly rotation, a certain planet within the game gets a big boost to its loot drop table, but also a big power boost to enemies. In essence, it’s kind of like an MMO world boss mode with a mountain of powerful weapons as the reward for overcoming it.

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To have the best chance at getting the Firestorm Legendary in Borderlands 3, head to Ascension Bluffs on Pandora and start dropping enemies.

Each area on every planet has an assigned type of weapons attached to it. Enemies within this area have a much higher chance of dropping rarer versions of the gear in their assigned loot table. Here’s the breakdown for Week 1 on Pandora.

  • Ascension Bluff: Sniper Rifles
  • Carnivora: Assault Rifles and Shields
  • Cathedral of the Twin Gods: Shotguns and Artifacts
  • Covenant Pass: Information pending, but players report poor results
  • Destroyer’s Rift: Shotguns
  • Devil’s Razor: Assault Rifles and Grenades
  • Great Vault: Shields and Artifacts
  • Guts of Carnivora: Rocket Launchers
  • Konrad’s Hold: Submachine guns and Sniper Rifles
  • Sandblast Scar: Information pending
  • Slaughter Shaft: Artifacts, Class mods, and Submachine guns
  • Splinterlands: Pistols
  • The Droughts: Class mods and Submachine guns

And here’s the weekly schedule for each of the rotations. You still have a few days left in week 1, before we move to the next planet:

  • Week 1 (9 AM PT April 23 to 8:59 AM PT April 30) – Pandora
  • Week 2 (9 AM PT April 30 to 8:59 AM PT May 7) – Promethea
  • Week 3 (9 AM PT May 7 to 8:59 AM PT May 14) – Eden-6
  • Week 4 (9 AM PT May 14 to 8:59 AM PT May 21) – Nekrotafeyo


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