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Elite: Dangerous Beyond trailer showcases new wing missions

As it says in the title, Frontier have released a new launch trailer of sorts for first phase of Elite Dangerous: Beyond.

Elite Dangerous: Beyond brings a whole cargo bay full of changes to the space sim. Criminality and bounty changes that have long been requested by gamers are at the forefront, and tie directly into the focus of the trailer below. The new Wing Mission designed for multiplayer action are set to be a much greater challenge, with much elevated rewards for the effort.

The trailer is a short cinematic introduction to the new Wing Missions. A small group of pilots attempt to brave the onslaught of a Thargoid Interceptor. There’s a bit of a teaser for a new set of weapons to combat the alien menace in there as well. We might even see some new enemy types in these missions judging from the ending of the trailer.

Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One is a free update that will be available to all player upon release.

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