How to craft Blast Traps in Horizon Forbidden West

Is There New Game+ in Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West is here, and Sony fans are exploring the massive world. The story of Aloy has already found a ton of bunch of cool stuff. But to find it, you have to do the exploration. The game’s fast travel option certainly makes completing the game easier, so learning about that’s a good idea. There are many other mechanics you will want to familiarize yourself with. Of the many systems in the game, crafting new gear and weapons is pretty important. There are plenty of tools and weapons you can use to get through the various challenges in the game. Smoke Bombs in Horizon Forbidden West are one of the many different items you can use to deal with various beasts. You can also learn to breathe underwater to get more exploration done.

The various tools and items you can craft in the new PS5 game are pretty useful. Aloy will not only need powerful weapons and armor to keep up the fight against beasts and bandits, but also a bunch of tools for exploration. Aloy might also want some extra tools to stun powerful foes, that’s where Blast Traps come in. Here’s what you need to do to make more Blast Traps in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to craft Blast Traps in Horizon Forbidden West

They aren’t too hard to make, but you will need to gather some resources. To make many of these items, you need a lot of Metal Shards in Horizon Forbidden West.  You also need a few other items, but those can be easily gathered from machines around the map. Take the items listed below into the crafting menu to make some traps. You can open up the crafting menu by holding Down on the D-pad. Aloy will kneel and the menu will open up. Choose the option you want to craft and confirm it to make said item.

  • 4 Machine Muscles
  • 2 Blastpastes
  • 10 Metal Shards
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Once it’s made, you can place it down. The trap will stay where you place it until you leave the area. When you or an enemy go near it, it will trigger. Alternatively, you can shoot an arrow at a live trap to detonate it To deploy a blast trap, you simply Down on the D-pad while it’s selected on your quickbar. From there, Aloy will place it down where she’s standing at that time. To remove it, just hold Triangle while nearby to a trap that’s been placed, Aloy will remove and break the trap, and you get some of the base resources back.

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