How to get leather in Fallout 76 Wastelanders

How to get leather in Fallout 76 Wastelanders

Fallout 76 got a lot better this week with the launch of the new free update. The new NPCs and factions are a great system for getting players invested, and the story is actually pretty good. One of the quests you’re going to get near the beginning of the game is to craft some basic armor and weapons. The player will need to gather their own resources, which means scrounging and looting for various resources like leather and various metals in Fallout 76. Other resources you can gather include Vault Steel Scrap and Glowing Resin. Both of these are high-end resources, but you still need plenty of basic resources like leather in Fallout 76.

The best place to grab a steady supply of leather is pretty easy to get to and is easily accessible for both new and veteran players. Wastelanders has added a new pack of Brahmin around the area of Flatwoods. You will be sent here near the beginning of the story looking for information about the mysterious Overseer. You can see the exact location where you can find the Brahmin marked on the map below. The pack of three mutant cows is right by the river in this zone.

Just kill the three Brahmin and then come back a few hours later. Just go scrounging around and taking out some of the low-level enemies in this area. The pack should have respawned after a bit of a wait and you will also get some other basic resources from the nearby enemies.

How to get leather in Fallout 76 Wastelanders

Another major source for leather in the game is just playing and looting. The more enemies you kill, the more armor and weapons they can drop. Aside from the Legendary loot, most of this stuff should be broken down for bare components. Looted items can be broken down into a bunch of resources, including leather in Fallout 76. Some sources that are very common are things like teddy bears and animal hides.

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