How to make a spectral arrow in Minecraft

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With all of the enemies and dangers in the worlds of Minecraft, players will need a vast array of weapons to take them on. Of the many weapons in the game, there’s one unique to the PC version that’s actually very helpful in certain fights. If you have the  1.9 Java version of Minecraft you might know what I’m referring to. The Spectral Arrow in Minecraft can be fired at other players or mobs, and it will give the player that fired it temporary vision of their target through walls and other surfaces.

Players using this ability, akin to a wall hack in other games, will find it very useful for doing things like hunting Enderman. The effect lasts for 10 seconds and can allow and eagle-eyed player enough time to find their quarry before they escape.

How to make the spectral arrow in Minecraft

If you’re looking to make this arrow, it’s actually kind of simple, so there’s not a ton of work involved in getting the materials. These arrows do require a trip to the Nether though, as you need 4 Glowstone Dust to make the recipe.

Arrows used can be any arrows, gained either from combat or crafting, and you just need one in the 3×3 crafting grid. Just place one flint, one stick, and one arrow into the crafting table in a line to make an arrow. Glowstone Dust is found in the Nether by breaking down Glowstone blocks.

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The recipe for spectral arrows is as follows:


Each time you complete the recipe, two spectral arrows are created.

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