What is the Depth Strider enchantment in Minecraft?

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Minecraft relies just as much on industry and ingenuity as it does magic. The magic of making powerful items and weapons relies on enchanting. You use your XP and a few choice materials to apply powerful magic to your items. The Depth Strider enchantment in Minecraft is one of many different ones in the game.

The enchantment has three levels to it, with each one reducing the underwater’s negative effect by 33%. So that means that for each tier, you move 33% faster while swimming. Level 3 lets the player swim as fast as walking on land. It’s quite handy for finding treasure, shipwrecks and other hidden items beneath the water. That hidden treasure isn’t going to find itself.

How to get the Depth Strider enchantment in Minecraft

To get the Depth Strider enchantment, you will either need to purchase it at an Enchantment Table or locate an Enchantment Book which contains it. There’s a lot of RNG involved with both of these processes.

Of course, you need an Enchantment Table to make this work. There’s no set way to get the enchantment, as it’s all luck-based. If you have enough XP and Lapis, you should get it eventually. The process can take a while, but it’s worth it if you plan to do lots of exploration. The important thing to remember about the enchanting system is that it relies heavily on randomness. Make sure to have the full 15 bookcases around the Table to get maximum possible number of enchantment rolls.

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You have one other option, depending on if you can get other enchants to help you out. Fishing with the right enchantments on the fishing pole can drastically speed this process up by getting a bunch of enchanting books. You can also get the enchantment book from fishing in the water, but it’s a very rare drop. To improve your odds of getting it, get both the Lure and Luck of the Sea enchantments on the fishing pole. These will increase the odds of getting enchantment books from fishing.

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