How to get the Compound Bow in Fallout 76

How to get the Compound Bow in Fallout 76 Wastelanders

The Compound Bow in Fallout 76 is a new weapon that was added to the game via the Wastelanders expansion. The weapon has some very interesting implications for users looking for a stealthy approach to gameplay in the shooter-survival hybrid. The wasteland is a very dangerous place, and being able to sneak around fights can be pretty helpful.

To get the Compound Bow in Fallout 76 you need to head to a very specific location within the game world.  Foundation is your goal, this location used to be called Spruce Knob pre-expansion, but it has been transformed with the new Wastelanders update. The new location has both a new theme and an entirely new settlement with its own unique layout.

When you get to the settlement, it’s time to head to your first stop. The store Sunny’s Store right up the main path from the front gate is your first stop. At this store, you can buy a crafting blueprint for a basic bow, which offers one such weapon, but the Compound Bow can take a lot more work to unlock. To gain the weapon in the game, you need to gain a certain amount of reputation and faction standing with the Settlers who run Foundation.

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To fully unlock both the Compound Bow in Fallout 76 and it’s various mods, you need to achieve the rank of Ally.

Just like any faction in the game, you need to do a lot of work to gain the requisite rep. The Settler NPCs will give you missions, this is your first goal. Complete as many quests as possible within Foundation, but also be sure to engage in conversation with the NPCs, picking dialogue options that are friendly and helpful. Make sure you do not kill any Settlers or take any missions that act against them, doing so would reduce your rep with this faction.

Just spend some time in and around Foundation and take on any of the missions you find, eventually you will hit the rank of Ally.

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