How to complete the Vampire Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Vampire Challenge in BitLife

It might not be Halloween, but it’s spooky time somewhere. I guess that’s the reason behind the new weekly challenge this week in BitLife. The new challenge is very bloody, so it’s true to form. You’re probably going to have to restart this one a few times, so be prepared. The crux of this challenge is becoming like Vlad the Impaler, the Romanian legend that the popular vampire is based loosely on. Here’s what to do to complete the Vampire Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete the Vampire Challenge in BitLife

You’re going to be doing a lot this week, so get ready. Here’s the steps you need to complete the Vampire Challenge in BitLife:

  • Live in or emigrate to Romania
  • Live to the age of 100
  • Own a 100+-year-old haunted house
  • Bite 3 people
  • Impale 3 people

Getting Started

It’s also a good idea to use the God Mode addon if you have it. Set your birthplace as Romania and your stats to max to help speed this up. A high Health score is very important. When you’re growing up, make sure to keep an eye on your Health. You need to live until 100, so you need to workout at the gym every year and visit the doctor often to treat any illnesses that come up.

As you’re going through childhood, it’s a good idea to make a few friends and enemies. Biting means you need to get into a fight. This is a random event that has a few different triggers. When you fight someone, one of the options is to bite them. Go into your schools and insult people until their relationship bar empties. You can then click on people you dislike and choose the Rumble option. One of the attacks is to bite them, do this 3 times.

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Now it’s time to escalate, and start spilling blood.

Become Dracula

The haunted house is kind of hard to get as well, as you need to be kind of wealthy to afford some of these really old houses. You could get lucky and find one for cheap, but bank on spending a few million on a haunted palace instead.

To buy a haunted house in BitLifeyou need to examine any of the available homes and find one marked as haunted. Click the Assets tab and then the Go Shopping button at the bottom. Look at the real estate brokers and find a house that’s marked as haunted. Buy one that’s in good shape, that’s to say the Condition is relatively high.

You can go about getting to the 100-year mark in a few ways. You could buy the house when it’s already pretty old, that could work. Or since you need to live until age 100 anyway, just buy a decent condition home and hold onto it.

Impaling is easy, but it is murder. You’re probably going to want to buy some pretty good lawyers if you want to stay out of prison for this part.When you are ready. go to the Activities tab and choose the Crime. Choose the Murder option and click the option to Impale. That’s how you impale someone in BitLife.

Once you have finished the violent tasks, it’s time to just live your life until the ripe old age of 100. You have now completed the Vampire Challenge in BitLife.

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