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Epic Games Store launcher has CPU-crippling bug

Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store launcher has a major bug right now, but don’t worry, there’s a hotfix on the way. A new report has revealed that the CPU resources used by EGS were way out of line. System temperatures on some PCs have been spiking because of this bug.

According to a Reddit post by user Neoncarbon, they reported that the CPU temps on their machine were spiking. After noticing their AMD Ryzen 7 5800X was getting way too hot for casual use. They found that closing the launcher had a huge impact—with temps dropping all the way to 37C, from a high of 50C.

Plenty of other users reported similar issues. “Looked at mine, 5900X – 64C while just browsing YouTube…closed Epic Games launcher, drops 20 degrees,” another user wrote.

The outlet HotHardware was able to “verify this abnormal activity” on one of their AMD Ryzen platforms. They tested for the bug on their own Ryzen 9 5950X CPU and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 system. They found that the launcher was indeed a major problem, as when they closed it temps were within spec.

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“Taking a look at the task manager, we noted that the Epic Games launcher is lighting up cores and keeping some of them lit even while seemingly doing nothing, and not even updating a game in the background,” the site said. Then they looked deeper. The site noted that the launcher was “firing off data at regular intervals to over 22 different servers,” regardless of it was in the foreground or not.

Epic’s Sergiy Galyonkin was able to verify the bug, and find the cause. A patch has now been released. Make sure to apply the patch at your earliest convenience. The 11.0.2 hotfix has been deployed and is noted as a partial fix for the issue. There may be additional patches at some point as well.

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