How to own a haunted royal estate in BitLife

How to become a King or Queen in BitLife

Some challenges in BitLife are easier than others. This week, the Red Queen Challenge in BitLife, is one of the stranger ones we’ve run into. You need to become royalty, and then do a bunch of crazy things. In addition to executing your friends, you also need to own a haunted royal estate. This new challenge has a ton of steps, and there’s a lot of RNG involved.

How to own a haunted royal estate in BitLife

The process to own a haunted royal estate is very complicated. It’s entirely random but there are ways to reduce the work you need to do.

When you first become royalty, buy up as much property as you can afford. The game appears to roll on each house you own as an estate for a chance to be haunted. The more stuff you own, the better the chance one will be haunted. Good thing you have all that royal money. If you’re trying to finish the challenge, make sure to have a steady source of cash to pay all the maintenance though, or you could go broke.

Once you have the houses, all you can really do is hope. Each time you age up, there’s a chance you will get haunted at one of your royal estates. There is reportedly one other thing long-time players can do. Some players are reporting that have many dead characters from past games increases the chance of being haunted. Since you have a few days, try making and killing off various throwaway characters to fill up the cemetery for your save. Do this before making your new royal characters, and it should increase the odds of getting haunted.

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There, if you got lucky, you now own a haunted royal estate in BitLife.

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