How to access Meditation Training in Jedi: Fallen Order

How to access Meditation Training game modes in Jedi: Fallen Order

With the new Star Wars Day update to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has a bunch of new content packed in. The update includes a variety of different bits of new content. For cosmetics, there are a bunch of new lightsaber colors, some skins for some characters, and a new Inquisitor Outfit for Cal. Aside from that though, there’s one key element that’s a new gameplay mode for you to enjoy.

There’s also a pair of new lightsaber designs, a red crystal, and the New Journey+ mode where players can take on tougher enemies and collect any missing secrets from their first playthrough. The new modes are Battle Grid, which is a custom scenario creator where the player can take on any enemies in different numbers; and the Combat Challenges, which sees Cal taking on various waves of different enemies that escalate in difficulty. The Battle Grid also features key foes, such as fallen Master Jaro Tapal, Inquisitor Cal, and many others.

All of these systems are part of the Meditation Training in Jedi: Fallen Order, and are accessed through the Meditation Points screen. Players will need to be playing New Journey+ Mode for the options to show up though.

To first access either of these modes, Combat Challenges and the Battle Grid, you need to have completed the game on any difficulty once before. There are 12 pre-made combat challenges, and players can also create their own using any enemies and multiple arenas from throughout Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and its story.

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The player can use these various fights to test their skill in the game, but it won’t be easy. The Combat Challenges and Battle Grid can be turned on at any time, but be warned, they are very tough. Early on in the story, Cal won’t have the skills to deal with tougher enemies, so you will need to come back after beating the game at least once to beat them all.

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