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Roguelike deck-builder, Nowhere Prophet, is out now

Nowhere Prophet Gameplay Trailer

A new deck-building indie title is set to shakeup the genre with a really intriguing approach to blending living card games with a more narrative-driven gameplay experience. Say hello to Nowhere Prophet.

This is an interesting one, as it blends two genres one wouldn’t think to even begin smashing together. By starting with a solid card game base which any Hearthstone or Eternal will be well comfortable with, Nowhere Prophet already scores points with gamers. But adding in a quite interesting twist makes things a lot more challenging and strategic. Nowhere Prophet also has a full roguelike element that means the card games carries a lot more stakes than in other genre entries.

Nowhere Prophet uses this baseline to build its narrative tension and investment as well. Characters are built around the cards you play with, and it hurts when one inevitably goes down in battle. But it’s even more depressing when poor resource management gets them. There’s two resources that you have to manage in your journey, Food and Hope, and not having enough of either can also cost you followers.

The art direction, while borrowing from film classics like Mad Max, takes the story and setting in a refreshing direction.  As lead designer Martin Nerurkar puts it: “No more white dudes in leather jackets.” The approach of offering more varied and inclusive art also extends to the musical score as well, as the soundtrack also adds an additional layer of twists and turns that are unexpected but welcome.

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It’s an unforgiving wasteland after all, so you’re going to fail at some points, and players need to accept that in order to succeed. Companions will die, cards will be lost, and you just have to dust yourself off and try again. Are you up to the task? Let this game answer that question for you.

Nowhere Prophet is out on Steam right now with a 10% launch discount that ends on July 26.  You can also grab it on and GOG. Check out the launch trailer for the new title from indie Sharkbomb Studios down below.

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