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Sea of Thieves launches update 1.3.1 with Cargo Runs

Sea of Thieves Festival of the Damned Revealed

Sea of Thieves update 1.3.1 has now been unleashed, and it brings with it a new set of missions for players in the open world piracy game.

The big element in this update is the new Cargo Run mission types. Cargo Runs are used to increase standing with an in-game faction, the Merchant Alliance. You simply accept the contract, find the required cargo, and then bring it to the requested destination. Problem is, you’re technically on a time limit. The final rating you get at the end of the mission depends on how quickly you get the cargo to it’s destination. Also, if the cargo takes damage, you’ll lose points on your rating. Depending on your final rating, you can get rewards based on different tiers.

There have been other adjustments to other missions too. Skeleton Ship rewards have now been buffed so that you receive four Skeleton Captain Chests and four Skeleton Captain Skulls. This means that farming these rewards for the standing and currency is now slightly easier.

Sea of Thieves is available now on PC and Xbox One. Be sure to have a look at the full list of patch notes here. The game is also getting a new expansion called the Festival of the Damned which will add new story elements and mission types.

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