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Twitch Streaming Returns to Xbox

Streamers are still being DMCA'd for clips they delete on Twitch

When the PS4 and Xbox One launched nearly a decade ago, they both attempted to position themselves as a much more entertainment-focused platform. The goal was clear for Microsoft, even present in the name. Their console wasn’t just for games, they intended it to be the one-stop-shop for all forms of digital entertainment. Early attempts with the Xbox 360 to venture into on-demand video sowed the seeds, but the Xbox One signaled a new era. And despite a huge misstep in early marketing, the console found some measure of success.

These consoles slowly gained market share, but Microsoft always lagged behind. Various issues with the availability of alluring exclusives and global appeal also hampered the company’s efforts. And then they tried to compete with streaming giant, Twitch.

After the fall of streaming platform Mixer, Microsoft was left in a tough spot. In their attempts to compete with the titan of Twitch, they had sunk a ton of money into a rival, only to watch it all slip away. Most people remember Mixer for paying exorbitant sums to popular streamers, like Ninja. The streaming platform could never really buy its way to success, much to the chagrin of the small but dedicated communities it developed. It’s kind of sad to think about, as the dominance of Twitch has only grown since Mixer’s collapse. Since Mixer closed in 2020, Microsoft has been in a tough spot. But now, things are returning to some semblance of normal, for better or worse.

What’s the future look like?

A new blog post from Xbox Software Engineer Brenna Duffitt details how Twitch integration will be handled going forward. The new version of Xbox app will be directly integrated to both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Gamers and fans can go live by just logging in and configuring their audio and video from the console. The settings and features you are used to for streaming will all be directly integrated to Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One console. Gamers simply need to navigate to the “Capture and Share” tab on the guide and select “Live streaming” to begin. From there, you can integrate your Twitch account details, as well as the necessary audio and visual settings.

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Twitch returns to Xbox with full integration

You’ll need to link your Twitch account by scanning the QR code with an iOS or Android mobile device or navigating to the correct URL with either your PC or mobile device. That will allow you to go live to Twitch right on the console, and the servers will handle the rest.

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