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Sea of Thieves “Festival of the Damned” announced, adds new customization options

Sea of Thieves Festival of the Damned Revealed

Sea of Thieves developer Rare hosted a panel an NYCC this weekend, wherein they unveiled a teaser for the next expansion to the open-world pirate game.

Sea of Thieves’ next adventure is titled “Festival of the Damned,” and will feature some oft-requested customization options. The biggest reveal from this tease was that Sea of Thieves is getting makeup that will allow players to change the appearance of their pirates to a much more unique degree.

Rare hasn’t revealed much about what else will be included in this release other than the makeup though. Fans at the event seemed excited, so I guess it’s good news for the community. The panel did reveal other potential future plans though. One question from an attendee revealed that Rare is considering adding banjos to the game in the future, for example.

We do know that the story of this expansion will center on the Ferry of the Damned. That’s the area where dead players respawn from, for the unaware. We can reasonably expect new quests and enemy types that will be spirit or undead related, so things could be about to get spooky in this open-world pirate-them-up.

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Check out the teaser announcement down below. Sea of Thieves is currently out now for PC and Xbox One. The Forsaken Shores expansion which added a new volcanic area to the game world was launched a few weeks ago.

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