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StarFox 2 and more joining Nintendo Switch Online

StarFox 2

Nintendo Switch Online has been a bit controversial since it was first announced. Even though the prospect of a combination of online multiplayer, cloud save functionality for games, and free retro titles via emulation is all very appealing, the growth of the system has been slow. That isn’t to say that the Switch has struggled though. The system is launching in China soon, and is expected to do well. It has also sold millions of consoles already in a few short years. Nintendo  has been slow to add more retro titles to the Online segment though, with many users complaining about that lack of substantive numbers, as well as missing some key NES and SNES classic that everyone loves.

The new listings this month are led by the SNES classic shoot-em-up StarFox 2. The next Nintendo Switch Online update to the SNES and NES libraries releases on December 12. The batch of retro titles increases the count of classic games on the Online component by six. StarFox 2 bumps up everything compared to the original. With more complex graphics, a more fleshed-out story and other new additions, many fans loved it on the original SNES. So seeing it jump to the Switch is great news for devoted followers.

Here are the four new SNES classics coming to Switch:

  • StarFox 2 creates and entirely new look and feel with the use of  Argonaut’s Super FX technology, giving the classic franchise better visuals than ever before.
  • The role-playing sequel Breath of Fire II picks up 500 years after the original, expanding the world with new characters, story elements and lands unexplored
  • Get ready to knock out opponents with Super Punch-Out!!, Little Mac is back again to take on a new cast of characters. More complex mechanics and greater challenges await.
  • Kirby Super Star is a brand new adventure for the most adorable pink sludge ball ever. New enemy types and worlds to explore made this an instant hit.

Two old-school favorites join the NES:

  • SNK’s Crystalis is coming in fist this month. Can you reclaim the Sword of Wind and save the mystical lands you live in?
  • Journey To Silius offers a bit of space exploration from Sunsoft. Explore and colonize the Silius system with this incredible space sim.

With these new additions, there are now 50 NES titles and 24 Super Nintendo games on the Switch’s Online library. If you want to play retro games on the Switch, it’s not a half-bad deal.

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