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Code Vein has some new screenshots and a multiplayer trailer

Bandai has unleashed a horde of new screenshots for the upcoming title, Code Vein, that anime game billed as Dark Souls for supper weebs.

The trailer focuses on new levels and characters being introduced to gamers for the first time. Io, a companion NPC for the player who acts as a high-speed DPS support, looks pretty sick, but in a good way. We see Io and the player fighting it out in a new level named “Depths of Death.” On top of that a “Trial of Blood” is activated by touching a red item that can be found in dungeons. Once you activate it, enemies will attack, and overcoming them will grant upgrade materials. And yes, just like everything else in the game, the crafting is themed around blood.

Those screenshots are another matter though. Those show the multiplayer features on offer. Code Vein includes a flare-based summoning system that allows players to team up and take on tough areas or bosses. An interesting quirk is that companion NPCs and other abilities can be shared across all the players in a session, so expect some really zany stuff in the multiplayer. Communication is very similar to Dark Souls with premade emotes, voiced lines and other interactions being the basis for said communication in Code Vein.

If you want more Code Vein action, check out some of the previous trailers, maybe you want to learn about some of the special abilities in the game, or maybe you want to know what’s included in the collector’s edition.

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Check out the trailer and the screenshots below. Code Vein will release in Japan on September 27th, followed by the western release one day later on September 28th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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