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CFC Vs. N3 in WY-9LL


Yesterday, Northern Coalition. (NCdot) successfully tackled a group of Clusterfuck Coalition (CFC) dreads in WY-9LL, who were trying to reinforce a POS. The initial tackle of NCdot was done by a group interdictors but not long after, the main NCdot fleet, consisting of proteus strategic cruisers, entered the field.
CFC already had an armor doctrine Battleship fleet ready to rumble if things went south for their dreadnaughts and they also entered the field, and so the fight started. Darkeshi (DARKNESS. and The Kadeshi broliance) showed up in their Legion strategic cruiser doctrine, making the fight for the CFC even tougher.

CFC chose to primary the N3 logistic cruisers and this proved to be the best choice they could have made, as they were able to claim victory as the combined N3 forces quit the field. CFC also won the fight based on ISK destroyed.

A full battle report of the fight can be found here.

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