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Xbox Series X/S’ User Experience video showcases changes and new features

Xbox Series X/S’ User Experience video showcases changes

The Xbox Series X/S is coming quite soon. The two new variants of the next-gen console are getting closer to launch, and Microsoft wants to hype it up. And to that end, the company has just dropped a new trailer and video walkthrough of what the whole console will be like in your hands. The games console will have a fully revamped user experience to give a much smoother flow to everything. The official walkthrough is pretty thorough, and offers an in-depth look at the overall feel of the next-gen console.

The overall UX still looks very similar to the Xbox One, which makes sense. The changes are slight in some areas, and lend to the idea that the focus is where it should be. Microsoft will be putting a lot of effort into making the experience much smoother than the Xbox One. Gone are the days of waiting for apps to load slowing down purchases and updates.

Xbox Series X/S’ User Experience Revealed

The Xbox Series X/S is also removing some steps from certain processes to make things faster. Sharing of screenshots and other content is being streamlined by removing some steps. You will be able to upload media right to the Xbox Live servers, to be accessible through your phone or other devices later.

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You can also use your phone to remotely play any game on the Xbox Series X/S, which means that Remote Play is taking a big leap forward this generation.

Even the store is getting a major revamp this generation. The trailer showed off more and more of the UI in the console that makes it much more comparable to the Windows-like experience that MS is going for. And with the wide array of launch titles coming down the pipe, there will be plenty to do.

The Xbox Store is going to be getting pretty major focus on performance. Thanks to the mixture of better load times and Smart Delivery, the console will be able to handle tasks and switching between things much easier.

Check out the full trailer below.

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