How to Get No Time to Explain in Destiny 2

How to Get No Time to Explain in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

No Time to Explain is one of those guns in Destiny 2 that offers a rather unique twist on what the typical player expects from a Pulse Rife. No Time To Explain is an exotic upgraded version of The Stranger’s Rifle. The Exotic has a slower firing rate but hits much harder. The key difference here is that this version of the rifle has a unique effect that can be stupidly powerful. The Arc Souls is already a pretty powerful perk, but with this gun, you can gain a stacking status effect on enemies called Stasis that mimics the effect. This means you can effectively double up on the Arc Souls mechanic.

There is one downside though, you’re going to need to spend money to get it right now. The easiest way to get it in Destiny 2 is to pay for it. Those who pre-order the Standard Edition of Beyond Light with the Season of the Hunt pass or the Deluxe Edition will get the No Time To Explain and its exotic catalyst once the expansion launches. Once you’ve done this, you get the pulse rifle when you visit The Tower and speak to the Postmaster.

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This means you can get the weapon by purchasing either Digital Deluxe Edition ($69.99) or Standard Edition plus the season pass for $49.99. Choose whichever option works for you.  Both include the Stranger’s Weapon Pack which includes both the Exotic and its catalyst.

As of now, there’s been no confirmation the weapon will be obtainable in the base game beyond this method. There’s plenty of fan hope that No Time to Explain will be released into the game’s loot pool at some point, but it’s all speculation as of now.

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