Where is the Dust King in Kenshi?


So with the world of Kenshi, things can get weird. It can be hard to figure out where things are. It’s a massive open-world game, and there are so many different factions to deal with, that it can be pretty daunting. There are plenty of things to do, including bounty hunting. Players might also want to know a way to stop those annoying bandit raids on their bases. Luckily there’s a way around it, it’s just going to take some work. You need to take out their leaders. Taking out faction leaders changes the World State in Kenshi, which can stop those pesky Dust Raiders.

The Dust King Tower, home of the Dust King, is located in the Border Zone on the edge of a cliffside overlooking the river. The approach is up a pretty steep cliff, so stick the side closes to the outpost’s walls to avoid being shot full of holes. The fastest way to get in and take out the Dust King is to hire Mercenaries at any nearby settlement on a one-day contract. The fighters can take down his 20+ guards while you grab the Dust King and hightail it out of there. The bounty of 35,000 Cats makes this a very lucrative early-game tactic.

Where is the Dust King in Kenshi?

Keep in mind that there’s a handful of turrets manned on the walls. Having a character with high sneak skills walk over and pick the lock on the gate can make the entrance into the base much faster. If you’re using the merc method, have the stealthy character clear the way, then have your army rush in to avoid getting shot up.

The Dust King himself carries High-Grade weapons—although in my modded game he had a Meitou saber—and has stats around 40-45 in many areas. He’s a tough fight for a new player. Bring lots of friends. Turn him in to the United Cities, The Holy Nation or Shek Kingdom to claim that bounty.

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What happens when the Dust King is taken out?

By default, the faction ceases to be. The Dust Raiders will have their main settlement turned into a ruin, and spawns will be reduced or removed. You will also no longer get Bandit Demands from the Dust Raiders at your base.

There are some mods that alter this behavior. It’s important to know what mods you’re running when beginning a new game. Potential bugs and mod conflicts can wreck a playthrough, so keep things orderly. The most notable one for messing with the Dust King behavior is the Reactive World mod. This mod adds a few new factions that spawn after the Dust King is captured or killed.

The Dust Raiders splinter off into three different locations and distinct factions. To truly eliminate the Dust Raiders in Reactive World, you need to hunt down these remnants and kill or capture the leaders. Doing so will change the world state and remove the Dust Raider events from your bases and the area around The Hub.

There are multiple locations that the new factions can spawn, they are:

  • Tiny Settlement to the east of the plateau by the Waystation
  • Ruined Holy Outpost in the Border Zone, nearby to The Hub
  • Ruined Holy Mine in Skinner’s Roam to the east of Bad Teeth

Each location will have a named NPC boss with a bounty of around 20,000 Cats, that’s the guy you need to take down.

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