How to Get Fuel in Dyson Sphere Program

Guide to fuel in Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program is a very advanced resource management and base-building game. The simple version of describing this monstrous game is to call it Factorio, but across multiple planets. A lot of your time in this game will be spent building and rebuilding production lines to accommodate more advanced research and innovations. It’s a wonderful little game if you’re in to that sort of thing. But one key thing seems to be confusing people. Just what the heck is fuel in Dyson Sphere Program?

It’s simple, as there are only two stats you need to pay attention to, Energy and the Fuel Chamber gen. Energy is the measure of how much raw power the fuel can produce per unit consumed. Fuel chamber gen. is a measure of how fast the fuel burns. A positive value here indicates a longer burn time, indicating you need less of the fuel to produce the stated amount of Energy.

How to Get Fuel in Dyson Sphere Program

You will always find some kind of fuel on your starting planet. These fuel sources are marked on the surface of the planet as above-ground spawns. Some later fuels have to be converted with various buildings. Miners will be important for exploring early fuel sources. Plop them down as soon as you find a new fuel source that you can use.

Always stock up on basic resources

Remember, even those giant mech suits take resources to build. Don’t be afraid of exploiting basic resources like Iron and Copper just because you have a large stockpile. Also, other fuel sources like Coal can be useful for supporting Coal Power Plants in the early game. You will also need more of it for later production of advanced materials when you unlock more advanced technology.

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Early fuels like Logs and Coal will have very basic stats. Coal has an Energy value of 2.70 MJ and a Fuel chamber gen of 0%m but you can convert it with later technology into Energetic Graphite. That carries stats of 6.30 MJ of Energy and +60% Fuel chamber gen. A big part of your development early on will involve improving energy generation, as this will allow for more complex production later on.

Your early sources of power will be renewable energies like Wind Turbines, as these can power basic buildings just fine. But when you get deeper into the game, a problem arises.

As you research more technologies, you will find that your starting planet lacks certain resources you need to advance. That’s where space travel comes in. But there’s a problem, as you need Fuel in Dyson Sphere Program to reach other planets and galaxies. Yes, you can actually travel outside the Milky Way in this game. Don’t expect to be able to do that right away through. Walk before you can run, grasshopper.

So just what are the fuels in this game?

The different types of fuel in Dyson Sphere Program

There are many different types of fuels you can use in the game. You will need to invent better technology and find sources of more advanced fuels in your travels through the stars. Here are the basic stats of each kind of fuel in the game. The more advanced fuel in Dyson Sphere Program has much better energy output and inherent bonuses to fuel efficiency.

Fuel Name Energy Fuel Chamber Gen.
Carbon Nanotube 84.0 kJ -80%
Graphene 96.0 kJ -70%
Plant fuel 500 kJ -30%
Diamond 900 kJ -50%
Log 1.5 MJ -10%
Organic Crystal 1.80 MJ -20%
Coal Ore 2.70 MJ 0%
Crude Oil 4.00 MJ +20%
Refined Oil 4.40 MJ +30%
Fire Ice 4.80 MJ +40%
Energetic graphite 6.30 MJ +60%
Hydrogen 8.00 MJ +100%
Deuterium 8.00 MJ +100%
Hydrogen fuel rod 40.0 MJ +200%
Deuteron fuel rod 600 MJ +300%
Antimatter fuel rod 7.50 GJ +500%
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