How to Get Curses in Sea of Thieves

How to Get Curses in Sea of Thieves

As part of the Tall Tales system in Sea of Thieves, players will interact with various factions and earn various rewards from them. For completing some of the toughest tasks in the game, you can earn Legendary Commendations. These are marks of excellence for the player, but they have a deeper meaning beyond looking pretty. You can actually obtain special Curses in Sea of Thieves through completing these tasks too.

Each Curse is attached to a set of Legendary Commendations for one of three different factions, Earning each Curse can unlock various rewards, including special unique items. To earn all of them, you will have to complete all the Tall Tale several times over, so get to work. But first, a bit of background on what you actually need to do.

What are the Curses in Sea of Thieves?

Each faction in the game as part of the Tall Tales system will have curses attached to it. There are currently three Curses in Sea of Thieves. Each new curse can be equipped as a cosmetic item from your Vanity chest when unlocked. Each one has its own unique effect, but offers no in-game gameplay benefit. Here are the current Curses in Sea of Thieves.

Curse of the Order

The Curse of the Order is part of the Order of Souls storyline and Voyages. You will have to complete The Cursed Rogue storyline to get started. From there, you will need to do each of the tasks outlined below. When you wrap those up and complete the Tall Tale itself, you should have unlocked this Curse.

Ink will fall from the pirate’s eyes just like it does on the Order of Souls representatives.

  • The Cursed Rogue: Complete The Cursed Rogue.
  • The Rogue’s Key: Recover the Skeleton Key.
  • Relics of the Cursed Rogue: Return Captain Briggsy’s Artifacts.
  • Free at Last: Defeat Captain Briggsy.
  • The Hunter’s Trail: Discover all of the Bounty Hunter’s Journals.
  • Briggsy’s Greatest Foe: Complete the tale five times.
  • Fateful Memories: Complete all other Commendations for The Cursed Rogue.

Shores of Gold Curse

The Shores of Gold Curse is much harder to get, as you need to have completed both the attached Commendations for the questline and new areas, but also have to wrap up the main storyline as well. That means all the Commendations from the base game need to be wrapped up to unlock this curse.

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The Gold Curse will cover blots of your body with pure gold similarly to the Gold Hoarder representatives.

  • The Fabled Island: Reach the Shores of Gold.
  • Path to Forsaken Fortune: Discover the Gold Hoarder Coin.
  • Shores of Gold: Complete Shores of Gold.
  • The Stain of Greed: Discover all Briggsy’s Journals.
  • Lord of Gold: Return the Skull of the Gold Hoarder five times.
  • Gold and Glory:  Complete all other Commendations for Shores of Gold.
  • Seeker of Grand Adventure: Complete all Tall Tale Commendations

The Ashen Curse

You can unlock this item by completing the standalone Tall Tale The Ashen Curse. Added in the Hearts of Fire patch, expect a journey through fiery lands as you explore and capture rare loot. This is an option to take on early in your journey as you can get to the Tall Tale for it early on in the game.

The Ashen Curse will light up your eyes and skin with cracking red embers.

  • The Liar’s Hideout: Discover Stitcher Jim’s Hideout.
  • The path of the Eternal King: Take the path of the Eternal King.
  • The path of the Forsaken Flame: Take the path of the Forsaken Flame.
  • The path of the Burning Heart: Take the path of the Burning Heart.
  • The Fire Rises: Discover the Chest of Rage.
  • Stitcher’s Schemes: Discover Stitcher Jim’s Journals.
  • Heart of Fire: Complete the tale.
  • Saver of Souls: Complete the tale three times.
  • The Blackwyche Reborn: Complete all commendations for Heart of Fire.
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