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Xbox Free Games with Gold for June 2019

Xbox Live

Xbox is at it again, what with giving away free games to those who pay into the Xbox Live Gold service. Xbox Free Games with Gold for June 2019 includes four games in total. Gamers can claim two titles for Xbox One and two for Xbox 360, all playable on the Xbox One.

The first addition is the relatively new sports title NHL 19. The game came out last year to decent reactions, with an improved franchise mode and the ever-popular Ultimate Team card system. Those already using EA Access will already have access to this title. But if you’re a hockey fan and haven’t picked this up yet, it might be worth renewing your Xbox Live Gold sub. This game drops on June 1st for Xbox One.

The second title for the current-gen with Rivals of Aether. This 2017 indie title is a fighting game that only a few have probably heard of because of how easy it is to miss many indie titles. It’s a fairly rich game in terms of mechanics with having drawn lots of inspiration from the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Expect a deep roster with unique characters taking part in frantic tactical brawls. This game drops on June 16th for Xbox One.

Now we move onto last generation consoles with the two free games for Xbox 360. Keep in mind that both of these can be played on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

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First up is a title that most have played, and should probably play again. The original Portal is a masterfully crafted mix of puzzles and wit that bends your brain and your perception of reality. There’s a reason that many gamers point to this as one of the best puzzle-platforming mixes ever created in video games, and it’s great to see it included here. This game drops on June 1st for Xbox 360.

Then the final game being added to the bunch is Earth Defense Force 2017. This shooter takes a uniquely weird approach to melding Japanese game design conventions with what essentially and alien invasion game. Take the strangest and campiest elements of a traditional kaiju story and toss in loads of third-person shooter mayhem, and you’ve got this game. This game drops on June 16th for Xbox 360.

Most of these titles will be up for download throughout the first half of July as well, and you can keep playing them as long as you have your Gold status.

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