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Shadowlands will reduce flight requirements based on achievements

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Expansion Announced

The new Shadowlands expansion for World of Warcraft is set to make it much easier for players to move around the game world. Blizzard has announced a bunch of changes coming with the expansion already, so this one is just one more addition that makes the game easier to access for new players.

World of Warcraft has grown a lot over the years in depth and complexity. And one of the older additions was the inclusion of flying mounts. But as the game map expanded, Blizzard realized that some areas made it too easy to move around when using the flying mounts and that they had to change some things around. One method for restricting flight in certain areas was tying it to achievements locked behind certain missions. Various means of unlocking flight in many areas required discovering every area in the region and completing all of the major storylines.

The Broken Isle in Legion, and all of the regions in Battle for Azeroth were locked in this manner, and players both loved and hated it for various reasons. Now though, things are about to change in a big way. With the expansion, there’s less need to focus on achievements to unlock flying mounts in all areas.

However, with this announcement, the newer players grinding out new characters won’t have to get so deep into the labyrinth of achievements to be able to use flying mounts. Those who operate under the new system will be able to zip around the Broken Isles and Draenor with the Expert Flying skill. There will be some additional requirements for some areas. All of the islands from Battle for Azeroth will still require the Pathfinder achievements for flying.

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