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Nintendo Switch global sales reach 80 million units, passes 3DS

Nintendo Switch sales have been explosive heading into 2021, putting the console into a new high-spot for sales of hardware. New sales data, published on the company’s finances website, revealed that 79.87 million Switch units have been sold since its launch in 2017. That figure includes a total of 66.34 million Switch units and 13.53 million Switch Lite units. This would mean that Switch sales have now eclipsed the Nintendo 3DS in lifetime sales. And that’s just in two months, as just a few months ago, the console had sold 68 million units.

That’s crazy as it would make it likely to be the most popular console Nintendo has ever produced, assuming current trends hold.

And for the year, Nintendo is still going strong. Nintendo sold in 11.57m units of Switch hardware during Q3 (Oct-Dec), putting it up 7 percent year-over-year in terms of sales. And it’s been a pretty good year for Nintendo’s purse too, as hardware has accounted for roughly 56% of Nintendo’s revenue. This next fiscal year ending in March, Nintendo is projecting to ship another 24 million units.

Then there’s the future to think about. So for context, Switch sales have shifted 79.87 million units after 46 months on the market. Comparatively another popular console from Nintendo had sold 75 million units in that time. The PlayStation 2 had sold around 70 million units in that same timeframe. Here’s a projection chart from analyst Daniel Ahmad.

Switch Sales Projection

When the unit launched in China last year, it sold 50,000 units in just one day, despite having very few games available. That combined with these new sales figures suggests that the Nintendo Switch isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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