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How to sign up for the Hyper Scape closed beta

How to sign up for the Hyper Scape closed beta

Hyper Scape is an upcoming battle royale game from Ubisoft. The game is still in the works, so it has an upcoming closed beta as well. Ubisoft has planned a full reveal for the game on July 2, but for now we just have to be content with speculation. The new game is being developed by Prisma Dimensions. The company has released a few details so far, and you can check the Prisma Dimensions website for more. In particular, there are some teases about the Hyper Scape closed beta being revealed.

The game features all the normal trappings of a battle royale title, with whimsical characters and brightly-colored environments aplenty. There is a definite Tron feel here. So if that interests you, let’s talk about the Hyper Scape closed beta coming up.

The date for the actual launch of the game is slated for July 12. There is the closed beta aligned for that July 2 date. The beta is being setup to test the overall stability of the game and its servers. There’s a very real need to keep the game running smoothly, so spending time fixing bugs would be an incredibly important goal.

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The launch seems a bit rough at the moment though. On the website for the game, neither the Sign Up or Log In functions appear to be working. So taking that into account, you might just have to hang on until Ubisoft and the developer get things running. When they do though, you will likely see a banner or notification prompting for signups for the yper Scape closed beta.

As for what content will be in said beta, that’s very much a mystery. Some leaks have teased a few characters and some elements of the theme of the game, but these can shift before launch. The developer will also be paying close attention to balance in the beta, so expect OP abilities or weapons to get nerfed.

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