How to visit an Atlas Station in No Man’s Sky

How to find an Atlas Station in No Man’s Sky

The Atlas Station remains a very big part of No Man’s Sky. It has previously been very easy to find one. But with the launch of the new Expeditions content, the galaxy got a lot more complex. You can find an Atlas Station in No Man’s Sky still, but it takes a lot more work. Normally, you’re supposed to explore around and find them.

While you can stumble across Atlas Stations randomly around the galaxy in No Man’s Sky, there’s also a guaranteed path in the mechanics to find it. you need to get through the Artemis questline until they send you on a quest to find their ship. Complete the waypoints and eventually you will find yourself in the space station with access to the Atlas questline. This is called the Anomaly, and it will become a central hub in your game world.

The Anomaly isn’t only occupied by Nada and Polo, though. There’s a host of vendors and helpful NPCs to meet, including The Nexus. You can use this to earn Quicksilver and Nanites, along with other useful items.

The conversation you have leads to several choices. First, you must choose to ask about the “Crimson Liar” and then ask about “Atlas.”

Where to find Nada and Polo

These two are incredibly important, and you will need to use them to unlock certain steps in the Expeditions 2 Beachhead questline during your time with the game. Finding them is as simple as heading through the No Man’s Sky Expeditions questline until you reach and enter the Anomaly. You will find these two right beside each other at the center of the structure.

Locating this pair is incredibly easy. Once you’ve met them, you can summon the Anomaly anywhere in the galaxy using the same in-game menu. Both Nada and Polo will send you on quests around the galaxy to collect various things. You can also buy rare technologies from them if you have the cash. The key here is to do their dialogue options for “Crimson Liar” and then ask about “Atlas.”

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What to do next?

Once you’ve found the pair, you might be a little confused as to where to head next. You need to have unlocked the teleportation menu, and then head into your Expeditions tab. and complete the various phases. you need to look for the Rendezvous 5 node, currently listed under phase 2. This will warp you to a planet in your galaxy that has the first location you need to hit.

Finding the Atlas in No Man's Sky

Once you have found Artemis’ ship and unlocked the Anomaly, you need to head here after speaking with Nada and Polo. You are now free to explore the galaxy and find Atlas Stations. You are free to explore the galaxy and hunt down Atlas spawns. You will notice it in space as soon as you spawn in system, as there will be a giant black and red diamond floating around the star. That’s the Atlas Station.

Coordinates for an Atlas Station in No Man’s Sky

Players have found many different spawns of an Atlas Station in No Man’s Sky. If you want to rush through this quest, here are some spawns that we’re aware of.

One such spawn has been renamed by players to reference the Atlas. It’s nearby to the Rendezvous 5 spawn point. Hop into your ship and head out into space. Open the galaxy map and look for a system with the name, The Atlas Calls.

Also, there is another Atlas Station in the Diykkist XIV system, which is nearby. The coordinates are 719,252LY in the Mepluna-Num system.

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