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Warframe Guide – How to get Wisp

Warframe Jovian Concord

With the newest major update to Warframe on PC, The Jovian Concord, Digital Extremes has sent out the 40th Warframe into the universe. Problem is, a lot of people don’t know exactly where to get the materials they need to craft the new Frame. Yes, new players, you need to craft Frames to unlock them. So we’re here to help you figure out where to get the materials and knowledge you need to unlock Wisp with this new Warframe guide.

A big part of this process is gathering the Blueprints you need to actually assemble the Frame. And since Wisp is new, the content is locked behind the new boss on Jupiter which was added in the 25th update to the shooter. Wisp is a great new support Frame with a decent mix of all-around abilities which make it a good addition to any boss runs or tougher content. It could very easily be used against most high-level content as well.

To assemble Wisp you need Neuroptics, Chassis, Systems and the main Blueprint all in one bundle. To get these, you need to run the new Jupiter boss, the flying Ropalolyst. Head to Jupiter and look for the Assassination node simply called ‘The Ropalolyst’. Farming this multi-wave fight is pretty easy with a good team. And if you ask around, you can probably find helpful veterans willing to help you learn the fight. Bringing a Frame like Rhino in your group is helpful if you have trouble since that boy can tank pretty well. And having a Wisp as a support can be really good too. Especially since having Wisp means they probably know the fight fairly well and can help new players.

We’re also looking to drop a guide for this fight, so be on the lookout for that.

Here’s the drop chances for each of the Blueprints. You could get lucky and only have to run it 4-5 times, although expect 6-8 runs if your luck is bad.

  • Wisp Chassis Blueprint – 25.81%
  • Wisp Systems Blueprint – 25.81%
  • Wisp Neuroptics Blueprint – 25.81%
  • Wisp Main Blueprint – 22.56%

Aside from the materials and Blueprints, you just need 70,000 Creds to craft Wisp. Some of these are much harder than others to obtain, especially for new players. Here is the breakdown for every resource needed:

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Main Blueprint Chassis Blueprint Neuroptics Blueprint Systems Blueprint
Wisp Chassis 500x Hexenon 300x Hexenon 400x Hexenon
Wisp Neuroptics 700x Oxium 950x Plastids 950x Rubedo
Wisp Systems 2.750x Alloy Plates 2.200x Polymer Bundles 10.000x Salvage
3x Orokin Cells 1x Argon Crystal 2x Tellurium 2x Nitain Extract

You may have to do a bit of farming for a few of these. But since Wisp is a brand new addition, there will likely be players looking to team up and grab them in bulk for a good while. Of course if you’re having trouble farming these mats, you could always buy them off of Warframe Market if you have the spare Plat lying around. Although they will be more expensive for a time until the market starts to normalize in price as more people farm them.

As far as how to farm them, it’s actually pretty simple for most of the basic materials. The common components like Salvage, Polymer Bundles, Alloy Plates and Plastids should be easily obtainable due to how many enemies can drop them. Oxium can be obtained by target-farming Oxium Ospreys on Io and Jupiter. The real trouble is the rarest material. Lucky for you that we have all the best ways to farm the hard-to-find mats, check that out below:

  • Argon Crystal: Head over to endless missions on The Void and just start killing for this bit. There is also a chance of Crytals spawns in these areas containing this item.
  • Tellurium: Dropped by Archwing enemies or on the Kuva Fortress, which is not easy to do. I would say that running Salacia (Neptune) is the most reliable method.
  • Nitain Extract: There are two ways to get these, either trading them for 15 Creds via Nightwave offerings or from special Nitain Alerts. Kuva and Lua Exterminate missions also have a small chance to drop these.
  • Hexenon: This is the new resources added with the Jovian Concord update, and the best place to get them is just running missions on Jupiter.

Once you have your Blueprints and crafting materials, build Wisp and go have some fun with their new abilities.

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