Warcraft 3: Reforged singleplayer cheats

Warcraft 3: Reforged

Warcraft 3: Reforged has landed on the battlefield, bringing that classic RTS feel to a whole new crop of gamers. And though it’s an incredibly enjoyable experience across all seven campaigns, it might be a bit tough for some gamers. For online play, you just need to learn the meta-game and mechanics, and git gud. Offline play does offer one leg up over the AI though, if you want to practice with a little less strain on your skill. Blizzard has included a full crop of cheat codes for Warcraft 3: Reforged.

Keep in mind that these codes are mostly meant for debugging by the developers. These kinds of things are included for players as a treat more than anything, so don’t expect to use these online. These cheats are locked to offline matches versus AI opponents. There’s some win condition modifiers and other things in the bundle to make things easier. You can also completely annihilate the AI with god mode, unlimited Mana and a whole host of other cheats.

To activate a cheat, press the Enter key during single-player mode or in an offline map. Type in the cheat you want to use then hit Enter again and look for the Cheat code enabled message.

Cheat Codes List

  • AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs: Instantly win the game
  • DayLightSavings: Shift from Daytime to Nighttime
  • DayLightSavings [Time]: Set the In-Game Time to a specific time
  • GreedIsGood [Amount]: Get a certain amount of Gold and Wood
  • GreedIsGood: Get 500 Gold and Wood.
  • IocainePowder: Fast death and decay
  • ISeeDeadPeople: Access entire map
  • ItVexesMe: Disable Victory Condition
  • KeyserSoze [Amount]: Get a specific quantity of Gold
  • LeafItToMe [Amount]: Get a specific quantity of Wood
  • LightsOut: Set in-game time to Evening
  • Motherland [Race] [Level]: Allows you to play a specific mission from the campaign
  • PointBreak: No food limit
  • RiseAndShine: Set in game time to morning
  • SharpAndShiny: Acquire all upgrades
  • SomebodySetUsUpTheBomb: Instantly lose the game
  • StrengthAndHonor: Losing in campaign doesn’t result in your gameplay stopping
  • Synergy: Disables tech tree requirements
  • TenthLevelTaurenChieftain: A song plays
  • TheDudeAbides: Spells cooldown quicker
  • ThereIsNoSpoon : Infinite Mana
  • Unit: One-Hit Kills
  • WarpTen: Buildings and Units can be constructed quicker
  • WhoIsJohnGalt: Fast Research
  • WhosYourDaddy: God mode
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