How to get hybrid flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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With all of the different options for furniture and decorations within Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players will have access to a bunch of different cosmetic choices. And when decorating the outside of your homes on the island, you have plenty of different options. With flowers thrown into the mix, there’s even more variety. The hybrid flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are a great source of creativity and color combinations.

Players can increase the variety of flora on their island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons by cross-pollinating them. This will generate new breeds with their own unique color schemes which can be used to decorate front gardens all over the island. One potential option is to use roses, these alone can offer a wide array of color choices. White and red to make pink, yellow and red to make orange, white and yellow to make purple, and red and red become black roses.

The best way to breed flower varieties is to simply place your chosen color and flower varieties in a three by three grid nearby to where you’re going to transplant them. Make multiple 3×3 grids with all the different flower varieties that you have, and use the size of the grid to leave gaps in for spacing. New flowers will grow in these gaps with the new color varieties.

 Check out the quick list of flower types below:
Flower Types Hybrid Flowers
Pink Orange Blue Purple Black Green Gold
Cosmos X X X
Hyacinths X X X X
Lilies X X X
Mums X X X
Pansies X X X
Roses X X X X X X
Tulips X X X X
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Just keep coming back every day and water the flowers you have planted, and each day there’s a chance a new color will spring up. Each flower type has their own combinations for colors, so get testing to find the color combinations that you want. This makes it easy to do something called Cloning.


The new flower will have exactly the same “genes” as the original flower when it spawns from a watered flower. The game will randomly select a few flowers out of the ones that have been watered that day to spawn clones the next day. The easiest way to clone flowers is to leave them with nine empty spaces around them so that they have space to clone into. Single flowers are able to clone themselves if there isn’t another flower of the same species within the spaces around it.

You can get a bonus to cloning by having other players join your game.

Flowers Watered By Base Production Rate
Self (or by rainfall) 5%
+1 Visitor 25%
+2 Visitors 35%
+3 Visitors 50%
+4 Visitors 65%
+5 or more Visitors 80%


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