How do I unlock every breed in Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX?

Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX

It has been twenty-four years since the release of PlayStation title Monster Rancher, known in Japan as Monster Farm. The first game spawned numerous other games, as well as an anime series. Koei Tecmo has given players the chance to relive those days with Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX, a bundle containing remasters of the first two titles. Players can actually spawn their own monsters, by using the CD library.

As you unlock more powerful monsters, you will notice something happening at the Shrine in the early game. Each unlock for the rarer breeds requires a certain series of steps. Expeditions are also a big part of this process. Often, you need to have a high INT monster to find certain items. Some of these events require progression through certain tournaments. Also, some breeds in Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX will require you to use the Combine feature with specific items. Follow the guide below to unlock every breed in Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX.

How do I unlock every breed in Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX

  • Bajarl – Beat at least two of the Major 4 battles after S Rank. Have all three house upgrades and both stable upgrades. Have 22,000G on or before the 4th week of May, then buy the final stable upgrade.
  • Beacion – Raise a Worm to C Rank. Have the Worm have 80+ Loyalty and must have been fed 30 Cup Jelly. Rest the Worm on 3rd week of June so that it has 0 fatigue and 7 or less stress.
  • Baku – Beat B Rank Tournaments, and purchase the first house upgrade. Have 17,000G on or before the 4th week of May, then buy the stable upgrade for 15,000G.
  • Centaur – Beat B Rank and go on the first expedition at Kawrea. Send your B-Rank monster to the Heavy Errantry (Mandy Desert) between the months of March and August. The monster must return uninjured, and it will bring back a Spear. Have your monster fight the Centaur. When your beast wins, combine the Spear with Zuum to unlock Centaur.
  • Dragon – Beat S Rank and have another monster that is in B Rank. Upgrade the stable one time, and participate in at least one IMa vs. FIMBA meet. Your B-Rank monster should be invited to the Dragon Invitational. Defeat Lagirus to receive the Dragon’s Tusk. Use this Tusk in combining to unlock Dragon.
  • Ducken – Have a monster with 300+ INT. Feed your monster enough Cup Jelly and find at leat 5 Diamond Marks, this will give you the Quack Doll. Next, go on the the Torles expedition. Retrieve the Strong Glue from the expedition. Repeat the Cup Jelly feedings to get anothe Quack Doll. Combine that doll to get Ducken.
  • Durahan – Beat B Rank with a monster with 300+ INT. Take that monster on both the Parepare and 1st Kawrea Expedition. Find the Decaying Palace behind the pumpkin obstacle. Visit the Shop and hear a joke from Verde. Then, reach A-Rank with that same monster. Finally get invited to the Double-Edged Invitational and win. Combine the resulting Double-Edged item to get Durahan.
  • Gali, Henger, Mew, Worm – Follow this guide.
  • Ghost – Allow a monster to die of old age, then build a Shrine to it. After 140 weeks have passed, have 8,000G on hand for the first event. Then, after another 140 weeks, have 13,000G to get the second event. After this you will unlock Ghost.
  • Golem – Beat B Rank Tournaments, and purchase the first house upgrade. Have 17,000G on or before the 4th week of May, then buy the stable upgrade for 15,000G.
  • Jill – Beat S rank with a monster with 500+ INT. Attend the Tories expedition, and get the Big Footstep from the Large Snowman in the top-right node. Send a B or higher rank monster to the Sharp Errantry (Papas Mountains). Fight and beat Bighand to get the Big Boots. Use combining to unlock Jill.
  • Joker – Get a monster to B-rank with 300+ SKI and attand the 2nd Kawrea expedition. Get the Jokers Mask from the Burnt Altar, found in the top-right. Combine the Mask to get Joker.
  • Metainer – Beat two of the Major 4 battles. Get to Year 1010 and have a B-Rank or higher monster on the ranch. Depending on the weather, you will get a visit from Aliens which will happen multiple times. The Crystal you get from this event chain will need to be turned in to the Shrinee to unlock Metainer.
  • Niton and Undine – Raise a Hopper to at least B Rank, and have it on the ranch during the Winter months (December to February). Rest the Hopper to get it to less than 30 Stress and 0 Fatigue. You will get an event that gives the Undine Slate. Use the Slate while combining to get Undite. Visit the Hot Springs again to get Niton.
  • Mock – Get to B-Rank, then visit the Shop until you get the Seeds item randomly. Plant the seeds and after 10 in-game years, allow a monster to die. You will get a Mock from the tree.
  • Phoenix – Get the Fire Feather from the first Kawrea expedition. Combine the Fire Feather to get the Phoenix.
  • Zilla – Beat S Rank, and upgrade the stable at least once. Send a B-Rank or higher monster on Hit Errantry to Torble Coast. Fight and beat the Zilla King to get the Zilla Beard. Combine this to get Zilla.
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