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Path of Exile 3.9.2f tweaking item filters

Grinding Gear Games has announced the next set of patches coming to Path of Exile. The iterative patch is one of the more noteworthy within the 3.9 cycle for what it changes at the core gameplay level. The biggest change coming in Path of Exile 3.9.2f is that GGG is overhauling item filters for everyone. Item Filters in POE are a crucial and required part of playing the game as they filter out all of the junk loot no one should ever pick up. And in an ARPG where loot mountains spawn in every area, this is a must-have feature. For years people relied on third-party developers to craft meticulous and focused filters for racing, finding the best drops and so much more.

GGG finally implemented a baseline version of POE item filters a few years back, and the community and developers have been iterating on it ever since. Now, we have fully customizable filters that can even be loaded into your Path of Exile profile and auto-update with new patches being pushed to the game. Gone are the days of waiting for filters to be updated, now the turnaround time is mere hours for the most popular filters.

The technical elements of the changes in Path of Exile 3.9.2f come down to a series of new conditions, a reworked grouping system, and some general fixes. Filters will now be able to set conditions for showing or hiding items based on the number of Corrupted mods they have, as well as Atlas Influence, Area level and so much more.

The biggest changes to grouping are the introduction of a SocketGroup that allows players and developers to target Socket colors on item drops. The number of sockets can also be tracked and filtered in Path of Exile 3.9.2f. This comes in preparation for the socketing changes teased in Path of Exile 4.0, but the game is still far off from those changes.

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If you want more details, check out the rundown on the POE site. Check out the full patch notes below.

We’re mere days away from finding out what the new Challenge League will be, but there’s still time to hop into MetaMorph and get some sweet loot. If for some reason you’re just getting into MetaMorph or POE, check out some of our Path of Exile 3.9 Guides:

Path of Exile 3.9.2f Patch Notes

  • Improved performance related to monster and minion pathfinding.
  • The following items now allocate to the Map Maker when they drop: Timeless Jewels, Ivory Watchstones, Awakened Gems, Awakener’s Orbs, Conquerors Exalted Orbs and Uniques from Legion, Blight, Metamorph and Conquerors of the Atlas bosses.
  • Reduced the damage of the Storm Call skill that Baran-influence monsters used. They will now only use the skill if they have line of sight to you.
  • You can now use /hideout to return to your Hideout while in Tane’s Laboratory.
  • Improved the performance of Acid Magma Orb Effect and Harbinger Magma Orb Effect.
  • Improved the visibility of various weapon effect microtransactions when applied to the Colossus Sword.
  • Restored the skull to the top of the Syndicate Flag Hideout Decoration.
  • Fixed a bug where the Power Siphon on-death effect could be played multiple times on a single monster. This fix also improves the performance of Power Siphon in general.
  • Fixed a rare bug where Malachai in The Harvest and Core Map could sometimes fail to transition to his second arena.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when using Leap Slam while it had the Harlequin Leap Slam Effect applied to it.
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