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Update your Loot Filter for Path of Exile 3.9 and the MetaMorph expansion

Path of Exile: Metamorph

Loot filters are an essential element of playing Path of Exile. And just like with every other Challenge League, there’s new mechanics to pay attention to. Using a loot filter is a great way to control the amount of loot shown on screen during play. Path of Exile throws a ton of loot at the player, and frankly most of it is trash. Keeping track of which items are worth picking up is also useful, thanks to the limited inventory space. If you want to start Path of Exile 3.9 right, and dive right into the MetaMorph mechanics, deciding on a loot filter now will save you time on patch day. Plus, the right loot filter can make all the difference in the world. I know that I could never go back to just using the default settings after using one for so long, it’s just so helpful. So here’s our guide on some of the best loot filters to use in Path of Exile 3.9 and the MetaMorph expansion.

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There are literally dozens of different loot filters out there, and you can even make your own. The best way to handle this process of updating your filter for all the new items and changes is to use a pre-made one, although you can also customize your own from a variety of bases.

Neversink’s Loot Filter – The most common loot filter for many POE players. Neversink offers a wide array of options for the strictness of the filter, with more speed-oriented players wanting to opt for a stricter filter.

Greengrove’s Loot Filter  – A very stylish loot filter, with several cosmetic options It has multiple color schemes like Amethyst, Atlantisite, Bloodstone, Jade, Zoisite and Game Like, each offering their own unique look. Filtering for items is more generic, showing a wide range of items.

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StupidFatHobbit’s Loot Filter – Experienced players, racers and the like might want to look here. This heavily restricted filter is designed to filter out most trash and other loot, only showing the most valuable drops and currency.

If you’re going to use any loot filter beyond the default, and you’ve played POE before, you probably have some things that you like to keep constant. The color of text and borders for certain currency for example. Customizing a loot filter is hard work though, so if you want to go that route, several tools are made by the POE community to assist in the process. We strongly recommend FilterBlade for handling creating your own filter, it uses Neversink as a base and offers an insane degree of choice and customization. FilterBlast is another great choice as it has more options as bases. However it is a it harder to use for some people.

In other POE news, auto-updating loot filters are coming to Path of Exile. And there’s more, several new features are being built into the loot filter systems for POE. Replies to the creator of Neversink from GGG have revealed a few surprising new developments. No word yet on when exactly these new features will be in the game though, assuming sometime around the launch of 3.9.

  • Filters can be made public and will be shareable.
  • Users will be able to browse and subscribe to new filters.
  • Filters will auto-update with new information from patches
  • Filter development will be supported with an API run by GGG.

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