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Pokemon Let’s Go has Gym requirements

Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Let's Go, Eevee!'s New Trailers

Pokemon Let’s Go is making more changes to the traditional Pokemon formula.

Pokemon: Let’s Go is offering lots of changes to the typical formula, including integration with Niantic’s Pokemon Go. There is one significant change compared to previous main Pokemon titles: Gyms will have specific requirements before you can enter them.

These changes make the game a significant departure from previous games where Gyms had no set requirements, only optimal team combinations the player had to find out for themselves.

The official website for Pokémon: Let’s Go updated with new info on the story. In the “What’s a Pokémon Gym?” section that’s meant to help new players by explaining the basic principle behind Gyms. That’s all great, and then a wrench gets thrown in the works with the next bit. In order to challenge the Gym, you’ll need to clear requirements presented at the entrance. Requirements vary from certain Pokémon types, levels, and plenty more.

The Pokemon Guides at the entrance will check your Pokemon team against these requirements before allowing your access. For example, the Pewter City Guide will only allow you access if you’re carrying at least one Grass or Water type in your team.

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The intent here with Pokemon Let’s Go is to both offer new challenges for veteran players, while making gameplay more engaging for newer players. We’ll just have to wait until release to see if these efforts pay off.

We’ll find out when Pokemon: Let’s Go launches on November 16, 2018. It will be available in Pikachu and Eevee editions for the Nintendo Switch. You can pre-order the game at Amazon if you want to get it ASAP.

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