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Streets of Rage 4 takes a deep dive on art style in new trailer

Streets of Rage 4 Art Trailer

Streets of Rage 4 is taking fans on a romp through the dark corners of a thug-filled city, and it’s doing it with a whole new look. Anyone who remembers the original games remembers the polished neon look of the 2D backgrounds and punk-inspired sprites. The bosses also had their own unique look, all in all, the Streets of Rage franchise definitely developed a character and feel over the years.

And with a new “Behind the Art” trailer, fans and retro gamers are getting a glimpse at how that look and feel will be changing in the hyped sequel, Streets of Rage 4. The developer is taking cues from the original game in both art and game design as well. According to them, the feeling of beating up an army of miscreants amid a glitzy city is something the team really wanted to capture.

The team has created an art style and wider feeling that corporates fresh additions and a distinctive feel while upholding the series’s signature neon-soaked urban aesthetic.” This goal looks to have been accomplished by not only improving the flow of gameplay with tweaking visuals, but also throwing in some interesting design choices that modernize the simple formula.

The design isn’t the only thing that’s blending new and old elements to make this new game better. Other new additions include a new soundtrack with contributions from the original composers.

Check it out in the behind-the-scenes video below. You can also find some actual gameplay footage on our site as well.

We don’t know exactly when Streets of Rage 4  will come out, but rumors are all pointing to sometime early in 2020, possibly within the next couple of months. Streets of Rage 4  will be available on PC via Steam. You can learn more about the game by reading the official site.

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